This project is a testament to the belief that peace is available right here, right now starting with our hearts and our own lives. The aim of this project is to awaken a compassionate heart in all who view it and participate in it. Consider that a well-rooted awareness might lead to a more peaceful existence for us all, as individuals and as a human race.

Create a piece for peace. Do it individually or as a group. Write, paint, illustrate, photograph, collage, sew ... on 16" x 12" horizontal or 12" x 16" vertical stretched canvas. Submit a few words of the experience for a traveling book to accompany the exhibition. The only visual requirement is that the piece must include the word "peace" in some small way.

Envision thousands of panels put together to create one work. The exhibition will grow as it travels, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Through these small acts of self-expression, their voices have been harmoniously linked peace by piece. Keep in mind that as you use your creative energy the impact (or cause) is truly for PEACE. It is very simple! Ask yourself, "What does peace look like to me ...?"



Maureen Bennett O’Connor


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